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 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 5:00 am PDT on September 1, 2015

... Medford Oregon weather review: August 2015...

August 2015 can be summed up in one word... smoky. Below normal
precipitation and above normal temperatures over most of the cwa in
December and January lead to low snowpack over much of the pacnw and
California. Expectations for an active fire season were realized at
the end of July and in August. Dry and unstable conditions led to
the rapid growth of the Stouts creek fire in southeast Douglas
County July 30... setting the tone for much of August. In the absence
of strong synoptic forcing, afternoon winds in the Rogue Valley are
north/northwesterly (upvalley). Thus, the Stouts creek fire was a
nearly continuous source of smoke for the valley... causing poor air
quality and visibilities down to 1/2 mile at times. The Collier
Butte fire near Gold Beach... and the Gasquet complex near Gasquet
were also smoke sources. The last weekend of August, a low pressure
system more typical of fall brought precipitation, cooler
temperatures, and strong winds to the area, clearing smoke out of
the Rogue Valley. The monthly average temperature of 75.9 was the
sixth highest on record. The average minimum temperature for August
was 59.8, which is tied with 2004 for second highest average minimum
temperature on record. The record of 61.0 was set in 2014.

The average temperature for August was 75.9 degrees, which is 2.2
degrees above normal. The average maximum temperature was 92.0
degrees, which is 1.3 degrees above normal. The average minimum
temperature was 59.8 degrees, which is 3.0 degrees above normal. The
highest temperature for the month was 104 degrees on the 1st. The
lowest temperature of the month was 51 degrees on the 31st.

There were 25 clear days, 4 partly cloudy days, and 2 cloudy days.

Total precipitation was 0.04 inches which is 0.36 inches below
normal. The greatest 24 hour total was 0.03 inches that fell on
August 29th. The water year precipitation began October 1st and is
currently 14.32 inches which is 3.46 inches below normal. Calendar
year precipitation is 7.47 inches which is 2.67 inches below normal.

The average wind for the month was 4.6 mph. The fastest recorded two-
minute wind was 23 mph from the northwest on the 30th. The peak wind
was 36 mph from the northwest on the 12th.

The highest pressure for the month was 30.20 inches on the 15th. The
lowest pressure for the month was 29.61 inches on the 29th.


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