Siskiyou Mountains and Southern Oregon Cascades

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... Medford Oregon weather review: January 2014...

January featured drier weather and average temperatures. It
rained a few times, around the middle of the month giving US 1.25
inches total for the month. With a persistent ridge over the north
west, it was dry and we set numerous temperature records outside of
Medford. Medford didn't hit any records because of the persistent

The average temperature for January was 42.1 degrees, which is 0.1
degrees above normal. The average maximum temperature was 50.9
degrees, which is 4.9 degrees above normal. The average minimum
temperature was 33.4 degrees, which is 3.3 degrees above normal. The
highest temperature for the month was 60 degrees on the 20th. The
lowest temperature of the month was 20 degrees on the 1st.

There were 7 clear days, 20 partly cloudy days, and 4 cloudy days.

Total precipitation was 1.25 inches which is 1.18 inches below
normal. The greatest 24 hour total was 0.60 inches that fell from
the 15th to 16th. The water year began September 1st and is
currently 10.14 inches which is 0.50 inches below normal. Calendar
year precipitation is 1.25 inches which is 1.18 inches below

The average wind for the month was 1.2 mph. The fastest recorded two-
minute wind was 13 mph from the northwest on the 18th. The peak wind
was 16 mph from the west on the 27th

The highest pressure for the month was 30.56 inches on the 30th. The
lowest pressure for the month was 29.98 inches on the 11th.

Records set during the month:



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