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... Medford Oregon weather review: August 2014...

In August 2014, high pressure was the dominant feature across
southwestern Oregon and northern California. This allowed for
the continuation of above average temperatures for most of the
month. In fact, Medford saw 25 days with high temperatures over 90
degrees with the warmest day reaching 102 degrees on the 1st. As a
result, this was the third warmest August on record with an average
temperature (averaging both highs and lows) of 77.0 degrees. In
addition, August broke the record for warmest average minimum
temperature set in 2004. Despite the overall influence of the high
pressure, a few disturbances and a couple of cold fronts did create
a couple of breaks from the heat. The most prominent event this month
was during the period between the 11th and the 14th where a few
thunderstorms generated 0.58 inches of rain. The Medford Airport
recorded measurable rainfall 3 days this month. The heaviest amount
was measured on the 13th topping out at 0.44 inches. Although this
did help quench a couple of the existing fires, a moderate to
exceptional drought continues for all of southwestern Oregon and
northern California.

The average temperature for August was 77.0 degrees which was 3.3
degrees above normal. The average maximum temperature was 92.9
degrees which was 2.2 degrees above normal. The average minimum
temperature was 61.0 degrees which was 4.2 degrees above normal. The
highest temperature for the month was 102 degrees on the 1st. The
lowest temperature for the month was 54 degrees on the 25th.

There were 28 clear days, 3 partly cloudy days, and 0 cloudy days.

Total precipitation was 0.63 inches which was 0.23 inches above
normal. The greatest 24 hour total was 0.58 inches that fell on the
12th-13th. The water year (beginning September 1st) ended
at 15.83 inches which is 2.52 inches below normal. Calendar year
precipitation is 11.39 inches which is 1.25 inches above normal.

The average wind for the month was 4.3 mph. The fastest recorded
two-minute wind was 40 mph from the southeast on the 11th. The peak
wind was 51 mph also from the southeast on the 11th.

The highest pressure for the month was 30.10 inches on the 6th.
The lowest pressure was 29.69 inches on the 18th.

Records set during the month:

The precipitation amount of 0.44 inches on the 13th broke the record
of 0.37 inches set in 1976.

The low temperature of 66 on the 3rd was the warmest minimum
temperature for the date. The old record was 65 in 2009.

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