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 Record Report  Statement as of 6:30 am PDT on May 1, 2016

... April 2016 GOES in the books as warmest April on record for pdx...

... April 2016 temperatures were about average... for may...

... This is the 9th time Portland Airport has set or tied a record
for warmest average monthly temperature since 2014...

Now that April 2016 has come to an end... it is official now that
Portland Airport has set a new monthly record for warmest April
since records began in 1940. The monthly average of 57.8 degrees
shattered the previous April record of 56.3 degrees set back in 2004
by a degree and a half.

To put this into further context... the average monthly temperature
for the month of may is about 58 degrees. In other words... April
2016 was about as warm as an average may... especially impressive
considering Spring is a transition season where monthly averages
ramp up quickly from winter to Summer.

Record breaking warmth has not been a stranger to Portland the past
couple years... in fact April 2016 is now the 9th month that has set
or tied a record for warmest average monthly temperature since the
beginning of 2014. Framed another way... about 30 percent of the
months since January 2014 have either tied or set their respective

Here is an updated list of the records for warmest average
temperature for each calendar month...

month year / record normal
January 1953 / 47.3 degrees f 41.4 degrees f
February 2016 / 49.3 43.8
March 2015 / 52.4 48.2
April 2016 / 57.8 52.3
may 1992 / 63.1 58.3
June 2015 / 70.3 63.6
July 1985 / 74.1 69.2
August 2014 / 73.1 69.5
September 2014 / 67.6 (t-1994) 64.5
October 2015 / 60.1 (t-2014) 54.9
November 1995 / 51.7 46.6
December 1950 / 46.4 40.4

It is important to note that the period of record for Portland
Airport began in 1940. Sites with longer periods of record... such as
Salem or Eugene... did not set new April records due to very warm
aprils in 1926 and 1934. However April 2016 still fell in the top
five for most of our climate sites.

May is off to a head start with high temperatures expected to reach
the lower to mid 80s today and Monday... about 15 to 20 degrees above

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