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Current Conditions

  • 44°
  • Light Rain
  • Wind: East 20 mph
  • Humidity: 85%
  • Visibility: 7.0 miles
  • Dew Point: 40°
  • Pressure: 30.02 in. +
  • Heat Index: 36

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Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
Forecast data from the National Digital Forecast Database.

5 Day Forecast

  • Thursday
  • Rain
  • High: 42 °
  • Low: 38 °
  • Rain
  • Friday
  • Rain
  • High: 41 °
  • Low: 37 °
  • Rain
  • Saturday
  • Chance of Rain
  • High: 42 °
  • Low: 37 °
  • Chance of Rain
  • Sunday
  • Chance of Rain
  • High: 41 °
  • Low: 37 °
  • Chance of Rain
  • Monday
  • Snow
  • High: 40 °
  • Low: 34 °
  • Snow

Forecast for Juneau, Alaska

Updated: 9:24 am AKST on February 11, 2016

Strong wind in effect from Thursday through Friday...
  • Rest of Today

    Numerous rain showers becoming isolated rain showers in the afternoon. Highs around 44. Southeast wind 10 to 20 mph.

  • Tonight

    Locally windy. Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog. Chance of rain late. Lows 33 to 40...warmest near downtown. East wind 10 mph... except northeast wind increasing to 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 mph near downtown Juneau and Douglas in the evening.

  • Friday

    Rain. Highs around 40. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph.

  • Friday Night

    Rain and snow likely. Lows 31 to 37. Southeast wind 10 mph.

  • Saturday

    Rain and snow likely. Highs around 42. Southeast wind 10 mph.

  • Saturday Night

    Rain and snow. Lows 31 to 37.

  • Sunday

    Rain. Highs around 40.

  • Sunday Night

    Rain...heavy at times. Lows around 33.

  • Washingtons Birthday

    Rain. Highs around 39.

  • Monday Night

    Rain and snow. Lows around 35.

  • Tuesday

    Rain and snow likely. Highs around 38.

  • Tuesday Night

    Rain and snow likely. Lows around 34.

  • Wednesday

    Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain and snow. Highs around 37.

Personal Weather Stations

Personal Weather Stations [Add your weather station!]

Location: MesoWest, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:20 AM AKST

Temperature: 48 °F Dew Point: 46 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: SSE at 1 mph Pressure: 30.03 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 48 °F Graphs

Location: MesoWest, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:12 AM AKST

Temperature: 46 °F Dew Point: 45 °F Humidity: 96% Wind: ESE at 12 mph Pressure: 30.03 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 40 °F Graphs

Location: Sasha Avenue, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:51 AM AKST

Temperature: 44.6 °F Dew Point: 43 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: North at - Pressure: 30.12 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 45 °F Graphs

Location: Mendenhall Valley, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:57 AM AKST

Temperature: 46.4 °F Dew Point: 42 °F Humidity: 85% Wind: North at - Pressure: 29.91 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 46 °F Graphs

Location: Aurora Harbor, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:51 AM AKST

Temperature: 43.9 °F Dew Point: 41 °F Humidity: 89% Wind: South at 9.4 mph Pressure: 30.11 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 39 °F Graphs

Location: MesoWest, Auke Bay, AK

Updated: 8:52 AM AKST

Temperature: 45 °F Dew Point: - Humidity: - Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.02 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 45 °F Graphs

Location: Auke Bay, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:57 AM AKST

Temperature: 44.4 °F Dew Point: 42 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: Calm Pressure: 29.94 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 44 °F Graphs

Location: West Juneau, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:30 AM AKST

Temperature: 44.7 °F Dew Point: 43 °F Humidity: 94% Wind: SSE at 4.0 mph Pressure: 30.02 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 43 °F Graphs

Location: NOS_NWLON, Auke Bay, AK

Updated: 9:24 AM AKST

Temperature: 44 °F Dew Point: - Humidity: - Wind: East at 6 mph Pressure: 30.04 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 41 °F Graphs

Location: Blueberry Hills, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:52 AM AKST

Temperature: 42.0 °F Dew Point: 41 °F Humidity: 95% Wind: ESE at 3.0 mph Pressure: 30.06 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.02 in Windchill: 42 °F Graphs

Location: West Juneau, Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:44 AM AKST

Temperature: 43.2 °F Dew Point: 41 °F Humidity: 91% Wind: ESE at 2.2 mph Pressure: 30.20 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 43 °F Graphs

Location: MesoWest, Douglas, AK

Updated: 9:22 AM AKST

Temperature: 45 °F Dew Point: 43 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: SSW at 6 mph Pressure: 30.01 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 42 °F Graphs

Location: Auke Bay (South Lena Point), Juneau, AK

Updated: 9:58 AM AKST

Temperature: 45.7 °F Dew Point: 41 °F Humidity: 84% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.96 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: 46 °F Graphs

MSN Maps of:

Temp: Dew Point: Humidity Wind Pressure Hr Precip -

NWS Forecaster Discussion

Southeast Alaska forecast discussion...corrected 
National Weather Service Juneau Alaska 
600 am akst Thursday Feb 11 2016 

Short term...should one count the number of fronts that have 
crisscrossed the Gulf over the course of the last several days, 
one may receive the same number of answers as the number of 
meteorologists asked. As a parent low over the western Gulf 
retreats to the west...an associated wave along a front lifts 
north and west across the northern Gulf this morning. This 
disturbance was characterized by A Reservoir of unstable air that 
impacted winds at the surface much more efficiently overnight. 
Gusty southeasterly sustained winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour were prevalent 
across the Panhandle, none with strong wind gusts, but these winds 
will fall during the morning. Another front will follow...lifting 
northwestward this afternoon and tonight through the eastern Gulf. 
In addition...its parent low will move into the central Gulf 
tonight. This will present another round of gales spreading 
northward tonight across the outside waters. But the energy for 
this system will stay well offshore. In addition...the stable 
nature of the warmer air mass advecting into the area tonight will 
help keep winds generally lighter than the cooler system that 
affected US during the last 12 hours...given comparable gradients. 

Showers passing across the northern Panhandle with this system 
will diminish from southeast to northwest through the day as 
ridging helps entrain some drier air aloft over the Panhandle this 
afternoon. Likewise...embedded thunderstorms offshore lifted 
north with the front and may affect Cross Sound and Yakutat this 
morning. But as the system lifts northwest, the threat ends by 
afternoon. We are banking on points from Juneau south having a dry 
afternoon. Rain with the next system spreads northward tonight but 
amounts should be light except for the far southern Panhandle 
where some areas may receive a half inch late tonight. Ridging 
will hold stronger across the north limiting the rain's expanse. 

Finally southerlies across the north will veer more towards the 
northeast this afternoon and strengthen tonight in response to the 
approaching front from the south. 500 mb winds indicate a strong 
possibility of a good critical layer of parallel winds across the 
Coast Mountains. This coupled with good cross-barrier flow should 
provide the necessary ingredients for sustained gusts to 40 miles per hour 
over downtown Juneau tonight. 

Mainly used the NAM for tweaks. Temperatures again have been 
difficult to establish trends given the complex passage of fronts 
across our terrain. Confidence generally good to average. 

Long term...extended range forecast begins with a large, 
negatively tilted upper level trough over the Gulf, a weak ridge 
upstream, and another large upper level trough and low extending 
south of the western Aleutians. Several smaller circulations in 
the lower levels and surface represent the active sensible weather 
that will dominate the long range forecast period...namely wind 
and precipitation from at least 4 fronts between Friday morning 
and Sunday night. 

Outrageously warm weather for this time of the year looks like it 
may come to a gradual end during the upcoming week. Currently, temperatures 
at around 5000 feet ranging from slightly above to slightly below 
freezing will result in daytime highs in the upper 40s again on 
Friday...with a slow cooling in the highs thereafter. 

Used a blend of European model (ecmwf) and gfs22 for updates to pressure and wind 
for Sunday and Sunday night to capture a weak low that will 
develop from a wave south of the Gulf and track northeast towards 
the central outer coast on Sunday. Pop and quantitative precipitation forecast updated for Friday 
through Sunday night using gfs40, Canadian New Hampshire and European model (ecmwf). Temperatures 
adjusted using GFS MOS as primary guidance. Overall forecast 
confidence is average. 


Ajk watches/warnings/advisories... 
public...strong wind from this evening through late tonight for akz025. 
Marine...Gale Warning for pkz041>043-051-052. 
Small Craft Advisory for pkz012-013-021-022-031>036-053. 



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